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Which countries are the ten most powerful armies in the world? The Japanese Self-Defense Force barely made the list, and the Indian Army's ranking was unexpected! Tenth place - Japan Ground Self-Defense ForceBecause Japan was defeated in World War II, Jap...

The ranking of the top ten armies in the world, the Japanese Self-Defense Force barely made the list, and the ranking of the Indian Army was unexpected!

Which countries are the ten most powerful armies in the world? The Japanese Self-Defense Force barely made the list, and the Indian Army's ranking was unexpected!

Tenth place - Japan Ground Self-Defense Force

Because Japan was defeated in World War II, Japan is strictly speaking not allowed to have troops, but the Japanese Played the sidelines and came up with the Self-Defense Force. The Japanese Self-Defense Forces include the navy, land and air forces. The total number of the Ground Self-Defense Forces is about 140,000. The main weapons are Type 10 main battle tanks and Type 13 wheeled chariots.

Japan Ground Self-Defense Force The usual training is relatively easy, and the status is equivalent to the "servant army" of the United States. But if such an army is placed in Africa, it will be a powerful force, and it is still possible to destroy a few small countries at will.

Type 10 main battle tank

Ninth place - German Army

The German Army is a pair of brothers and sisters compared with Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force.After the defeat of World War II, Germany's armed forces were in a slump, and the navy was basically equal to No, the Army has only about 81,000 troops. The training level of the German Army is also rubbish, and it is time to get off work. Even if the machine gun is half fired, it will not delay the soldiers going home.

But Germany has an advantage, That is, the quality of their weapons is very good, the Leopard 2 tank is famous all over the world, and the HK rifle series is also equipped in many countries.

The United States has troops stationed in Germany, and the wartime command of the German army is in the hands of the White House, which is why German soldiers do not train seriously. But in general, the military potential of this country is huge.

Leopard 2 tank

Number 8—Israel Army

The size of the Israeli Army is about 130,000, with 400,000In the reserve service, there are about 3,000 main battle tanks. Many weapons of the Israeli Army are assisted by the United States, and the army has a strong combat effectiveness. This strength is not based on data on paper, but by Israeli soldiers.

From the founding of the state to the present, Israel has There have been 5 large-scale wars, and Israel won each time, and the small-scale wars have not stopped until now, so this is a force with extremely rich combat experience.

Seventh place - Turkish Army

The Turkish Army has 300,000 people, the country is located at the junction of the Eurasian continent, the folk customs Sturdy. Most of Turkey's army weapons come from Russia and the United States, and they can also imitate them.

The number of tanks in the Turkish Army is about It has more than 2,000 vehicles and more than 3,000 armored vehicles. It is the strongest military country in Asia Minor, and it can also rank among the top five in NATO.

Sixth place - the British Army

The size of the British Army is about 80,000 people, and the reserve force has more than 30,000 people. It has challenges The fighter series of main battle tanks, the strength of this tank is comparable to that of China's old Type 99, and the number is about 200, which is similar to the number of tanks equipped by China's three heavy synthetic brigades. The number of armored vehicles in the UK is quite large, about 5,500, so the British Army is a highly motorized force.

In terms of informatization, The United Kingdom itself cannot be said to be weak, it simply is not. However, the United Kingdom and the United States are both in the Five Eyes alliance, and military intelligence is shared. The digital systems of armored vehicles and tanks are also upgraded by the United States. Therefore, it is no problem for the strength of the British Army to rank sixth.

Fifth place-French Army

When it comes to France, many military fans are going to play surrender. Two-handed military salute, no one can take Paris until France surrenders" and so on. However, military fans have to admit that the French army is the only one in Europe that is independent of the United States.Except for the armed forces, its military power is in the hands of the French themselves.

French Army The total number of people in the army is 120,000, and the main armor force is the Leclerc main battle tank produced by the French. There are 406 tanks in the whole army, and there are 102 self-propelled guns. expensive. The French Army has strong actual combat experience and often encircles and suppresses rebels in Africa, so there is no problem with the French Army ranking fifth.

Fourth place - Indian Army

The total strength of the Indian Army is 1.13 million, and it has extremely rich human resources for war. The entire Indian Army has more than 3,000 tanks, mostly T72 and T90 imported from Russia, and more than 2,500 BMP infantry fighting vehicles.

In light weapons On the one hand, the firearms used by the Indian Army are very miscellaneous, including American ones, Russian ones, and even the British World War II rifle Lee Enfield. Although the Indians are referred to as the "Third Brothers" on the Internet, their soldiers' combat awareness is not strong, and the localization rate of weapons and equipment is not high, so they can only rank fourth.

Third place - US Army

The U.S. Army currently has 490,000 people, and the reserve force is 190,000. The weapons and equipment of the U.S. Army are the best in the world. There are more than 7,000 M1 series main battle tanks, more than 1,500 towed artillery pieces and 1,600 self-propelled artillery pieces.

Although the military strength of the United States worldRanked first, but their army has been neglected for a long time, and they are called third-class people who are only one class higher than "Ma Run". During combat, the U.S. Army will call the Air Force whenever it encounters a difficult bone. It is okay if it has air supremacy, but if it does not have air superiority, the U.S. Army will collapse. So the Air Force is their nanny. In the Russo-Ukrainian War, the American mercenary regiment ran away after being shot a few times. Although the weapons in their hands are very advanced, the soldiers' fighting will is not high, so they can only rank third.

Second place - Russian Army

I will not introduce the Russian Army’s weapons and equipment and the number of troops here, and now military fans all over the world know it. Why do we put Russia's army in second place? The Russia-Ukraine War Russia fought unsatisfactorily, it can only be said to be barely passable, and it does not match its status as the second military power in the world, but this is not the fault of the Russian Army.

From the offensive and defensive battles between Russia and Ukraine Look, the soldiers of Da Mao are still very heroic. Behind Ukraine is the entire NATO group. In this way, the Russian Army can still advance steadily. up. It's a pity that the weapons and informatization level of the Russian troops are somewhat backward, otherwise they would be stronger.

First place—— The Chinese Army

The Chinese Army has a total of 1 million people, more than 7,000 tanks, 23,000 armored vehicles, more than 3,500 self-propelled artillery, more than 3,000 multiple rocket launchers, and more than 2,700 armed helicopters , weapons and equipment are number one in the world in terms of both quantity and quality.

In addition, Chinese Army soldiers His combat awareness is very strong, which even Russian soldiers admire. The most important thing is that we have a complete industrial system,The weapons used by the army are all self-produced, which is incomparable to the third brother, so some people say that the Chinese People's Liberation Army is a full-level "hexagon" player and the strongest army on the surface.

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