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In our life, there are always some phenomena that cannot be explained by science. Faced with these problems, some people think that it is caused by the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension was proved to exist by a mathematician in Germany. Is it true th...

German mathematicians claim that 4-dimensional space exists, and it will be unconstrained after entering it. Is this true?

In our life, there are always some phenomena that cannot be explained by science. Faced with these problems, some people think that it is caused by the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension was proved to exist by a mathematician in Germany. Is it true that in the four-dimensional space, people are not bound by time and space and so on?

One, if this is true, it would be great

People who like to read novels should know Mr. Keigo Higashino, he Isn't it strange that the wife's soul lives in the daughter's body in "The Secret"? But this fourth dimension can see a person's life. If this is true, then we can know our own life when we enter this fourth dimension.

If this is true, then it is the novel "The Promise" written by Guo Jingming (known online as Siwei). In "The Promise", it is written how many people Manshen needs to let see their own destiny. After reading it, try it, then Manshen will complete the task and return to the heaven.

And these people who have seen their fate cannot change their own destiny, even if it is a powerful light. Guangming knew that Kunlun would kill him. If he had killed Kunlun at that time, would his fate have been changed? However, Guangming is very confident and thinks it is impossible. He also has the capital of self-confidence. He wanted to use his strength to change the "destiny" that Manshen showed him, but who knows, he failed in the end.

It is said in "The Promise" that as long as a person has desire, he will be greedy. For many of us, we can't have our cake and eat it too. However, some people think that I want the country, and I also want the beauty. finally, still can't escape the fate in "The Promise".

If I could really enter this time and see my whole life, how wonderful it would be! If this is the case, I will find a way to change the bad parts here, and make more adjustments after returning to reality. Even if it is changed a little, it is also a change of fate. Nezha said: My fate is up to me, changing my bad points can rewrite my previous fate.

The fourth dimension shown by this mathematician is not what we often call "parallel universe"? If so, it is similar to the scene in "Jieyou Grocery Store". In this way, we can see what we will look like afterward, which is also a very magical experience.

Even if you haven’t changed your destiny, you still know every step of your experience. So terrible. The so-called fear is because of the unknown. After knowing it and building up the mind, it will be much better.

If you can really see your own future, it will be wonderful. Although your own destiny cannot be changed, this fact can tell your family and prepare them psychologically. It may affect their lives . Many people think that the value of life lies in creating more possibilities.

If you can't do it yourself, let your family members prepare in advance, and when things come, you can deal with them calmly. In this way, it can be regarded as a response for us to know the future. After all, if you know the future, you should also know how to face the known things. so that you can better faceLife.

Some people think that such a thing is nonsense. Who can know their own future? If parallel universes really appear, it is still possible, but I don't know it. I hope this fourth dimension exists, although many people think that this matter is a big gimmick.

Second, if this is fake, we don’t need to be so serious

Some people feel that as a mathematician, one should use rigorous knowledge , using scientific reasoning to show, even if it is unknown. This German mathematician is like this, although whether this is true or not is unknown. Just like many people at the time did not believe that there will be iron sheets flying in the sky in the future (airplanes are).

When that time comes, everyone will think that the previous person is a prophet. Many people's thoughts are only limited to the present, not the future. Even the deduction of this mathematician is wrong. That just shows us an unknown possibility, if there is, imagine it, it's pretty good, isn't it?

Isn't it good to know in advance when you will get married, have children, get sick, and die? Even if nothing can be changed, after knowing it, it’s easy to face this matter, isn’t it? Some people say that this is advocating the determinism of fate, which is a superstition.

If there is such a thing as fate, we can believe it. Because of people, there must always be some faith. What if this belief can help you realize your dreams? If not, then it doesn't matter. It's beautiful just thinking about it, it's a thing, isn't it?

When you have nothing to do, don't watch the video, don't read the webpage, and meditate, it's also good. think about yourself in the futureWhat, isn't it fun? Especially after knowing your own future, isn't it interesting to see how your future will affect the people around you, just thinking about it?

It's a fun thing, why make it so serious? Why do people have to be so serious when they are alive? When you are working, you are serious enough. At this time, let's get a little skinny, okay? It's nice to go back to my childhood. Even if others don’t know it, we know it ourselves, so we can keep it in our hearts, right?

Some people say that as a mathematician, he has to deal with numbers all his life, why should he be so imprecise? People just put forward a hypothesis, this is an exploration of the future, is it not okay? Without the efforts of these people, how could there be technological progress and the fulfillment of life?

We all know Newton, a great scientist, and his three laws of Newton, which we learned in middle school. His physics classic is not applicable in the micro and macro fields. The micro field is interpreted by Planck's quantum theory, and the macro field is interpreted by Einstein's theory of relativity. But we can't deny Newton's contribution, can we?

Similarly, we cannot deny the efforts of this mathematician, even if his reasoning may be false, then we can treat it as a joke and just laugh it off. Is it necessary to criticize so much? What's more, if the future proves that this thing really happened, then who is embarrassed?

In order to avoid being a clown in the end, then follow his train of thought first, okay? If it is not realized, we will listen to it as a joke, and we will be happy when we listen to the joke, won’t we? If it is realized, we can brag to outsiders, and we know our future in advance.

The idea of ​​a mathematician should be beyond our imagination, maybe our structure is small, and we did not expect him to have such a forward vision. certainly,From a professional point of view, I don't understand this matter; from an amateur point of view, I don't understand it either. Because mathematics, to me, is the numbers when shopping for groceries.

Third, mathematicians may infer such a mathematical principle, but the reality may not be realized

The specific description of the mathematician, To be honest, I really don’t understand it, so what we can do is to look at the conclusion. His conclusion is that the fourth dimension exists, and it can also see a person's whole life. So, Mr Mathematician, have you entered your own fourth dimension? Do you see your future?

How can this mathematician, who does not know his own future, prove that his conclusion is correct? If not, is this a charlatan, to use our old saying? Just to cheat traffic? If so, then it's easy to explain. There are really many liars, and they don't necessarily only exist in the arena.

The conclusion of this mathematician is quite sensational, and many people feel that if it really appears, then the world may be chaotic, because those who know their own destiny will Find a way to change your own destiny, which will have an impact on the fate of others, and as a result, the entire destiny arrangement will be in chaos.

There will be problems in everyone's life, so the existence of this fourth dimension will be sealed in the human world just like our cloning technology. If this is the case, even if we know that the fourth dimension really exists, there is no way to see it. Only a few people can see it.

Moreover, these people can only be people with strong self-discipline ability. Even if they know their own destiny, they will not think about changing their own destiny, so that this can be guaranteed. System stability. If there is no such ability, then things will change.

Many people think that the result of this matter may be related to cloningThe technology is the same, it's just a fascination. Later, there was no further news and reports on cloning technology. Many people think that the result of this matter is similar to that of cloning technology. If this is the case, then they should be more embarrassing!

For example, after everyone knows their future and who they are marrying and having children with, if it is not the person in front of them, if they directly propose to break up, will they be beaten? If you know that your child will endanger society in the future, can you think of a way when you are pregnant?

If you know who your fate has a major impact on, if you are a friend, it is okay to say, if you are a rival in love, will you be secretly happy? If so, will you spoof him (her)? Anyway, knowing the ending, there is no way to change the ending. Why don't you adjust it and make yourself a little bit happier.

The mathematician himself may also make such remarks with the purpose of tricking everyone. Anyway, it is impossible to know the truth or falsehood of this matter now, so that everyone can pay attention to him and his research results at the same time. If this is wrong, what about the others? If it is correct, then his research results will be noticed.

This is a good way to promote yourself! It seems that this mathematician is not only studying mathematics, but also studying media studies. If this is true, he is really a talent! Does such a talent come from Mars?

Write at the end:

This mathematician really has a big brain and can think of such a thing. If there is a fourth dimension, then we What does the world look like? Does this person think he controls the world? If there is a fourth dimension, will there be a fifth dimension? Do you like his idea?

What he put forward may be a hypothesis, which has nothing to do with right or wrong, but just a possibility. ifIf it really exists, then our world will be more colorful. If everyone knew their destiny, but powerless to change it, would some people break down? What would you do if it were you?

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