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The country's most important satellite layout is the key direction for the development of countries in the world in the future, because satellites are really important, and different satellites target different directions, and at the same time they can f...

More than 200 24-hour monitoring! Chinese satellite anti-stealth, US F22 can't d

The country's most important satellite layout is the key direction for the development of countries in the world in the future, because satellites are really important, and different satellites target different directions, and at the same time they can form a supporting relationship.

No, with the transformation of the pattern of countries on the earth, we have seen that satellites are becoming more and more important. For example, the layout of the American Starlink is becoming stronger and stronger. It is not only robbing the earth's low-earth orbit resources, but also The important thing is that its military value is constantly being presented.

Therefore, this is why many people are worried about whether Tesla is a minefield in China, and Starlink can be used to obtain location information of Chinese users. Of course, we are not clear about this, nor will we discuss it. However, the threat of Starlink is indeed getting bigger and bigger. This is undeniable, which is why many countries in the world are proposing to deploy their own strong satellite groups.

No, China's satellite layout has also sparked heated discussions among many people. There are more than 200 in-orbit remote sensing satellites guarding the beautiful China in the area at an altitude of 400,000 meters on the earth, which also makes us more at ease. This is not only its civilian use, but also unexpected changes in military use. How can this be said? Let's take a look below.

More than 200 remote sensing satellites in orbit! 24 hours monitoring

First of all, let's explain what is a remote sensing satellite. Compared with other types of satellites, remote sensing satellite technology is a little more difficult to construct. It is an artificial satellite used as an outer space remote sensing platform. The technology used is remote sensing technology, and after the layout, it can operate in orbit A few years, the length of life can also be adjusted.

And its biggest advantage is that it canIt can cover the entire earth or any designated area within a certain period of time. When running along the geosynchronous orbit, it can continuously perform remote sensing on a designated area on the earth's surface to obtain relevant data. There are three main types of remote sensing satellites: meteorological satellites, land satellites and ocean satellites. And China's remote sensing satellites are still relatively large, ranking second in the world. Usually, we generally use them to monitor China's agriculture, forestry, oceans and other areas, measure data, and so on.

This time, according to the China Space Center, there are more than 300 satellites weighing more than 300 kilograms in stable operation in China, including more than 200 remote sensing satellites in orbit, achieving global coverage of 16-meter resolution satellite data in one day, and optical 2-meter The resolution data is revisited in one day around the world, and the revisit time for 1m resolution synthetic aperture radar satellites to any part of the world is 5 hours. did you see? Seeing this reminds me of one thing. Many people say that China's satellites are poor and their technology is not as good as others. Isn't the accuracy of 1 meter not bad?

Therefore, this is the data released to the public, and there may still be an accuracy number. Of course, the possibility of not publishing it is even stronger, but the accuracy of 1 meter can also solve many problems for us, so don’t ask too much, and If you are interested, you can easily query and use China's remote sensing data for the past ten years on the National Remote Sensing Data and Application Service Platform of the National Space Administration, and see China's changing process.

Therefore, more than 200 remote sensing satellites in orbit! 24-hour monitoring and guarding the land of China is really a highlight of China's space development satellite development. However, as we said, remote sensing satellites are not only for civilian use, but also quite good for military use. Although this is not professionally built for military use, its strength is still very strong.

Chinese satellite anti-stealth, American F22 can't help!

That's right, the anti-stealth capability of Chinese satellites has indeed appeared. Jilin-1, an important optical remote sensing satellite constellation in China, has shown us this kind of strength. Although Jilin-1 has not yet completed the entire system layout, according to the public situation From the point of view, it is mainly divided into two stages:

First, take the lead in deploying 60 satellites in orbit to form a network, and realize the locking and shooting of more than 800 target areas around the world.

Second, to achieve 138 satellites network, with the ability to revisit anywhere in the world within 10 minutes.

According to the plan, it is expected to be fully completed around 2025. However, it has enough strength to carry out anti-stealth before it is completed.

Everyone knows that the American F22 fighter is famous for its stealth performance, and it is said that it is difficult to be detected by radar. However, in front of Jilin No. 1, the optical reconnaissance lens still reveals the original shape of the American F22 fighter. There is no way to realize it. Dynamic tracking is enabled, and the camera is steady.

Although many people see the interference of fog in the lens, this is a problem faced by all optical satellites in the world when shooting, which is different from radar satellites.

Therefore, we were able to capture such a shot, which indeed reflects the anti-stealth capability of Chinese satellites. The US stealth fighters have no way at all. This is its side application

And this time the China Space Center announced more than 200 remote sensing satellites in orbit in China! The monitoring of stealth fighters is no problem, so the more such satellites, the better.

Moreover, for a long time, the changes in China's sea area have been prominent. The United States has sent planes from time to time, and we can monitor the movement of aircraft carriers in the South China Sea.

Of course, having said that, if there is a war in the future, the satellite must be the most important thing. Once the satellite fails, many things will be unusable. Therefore, China should also increase its layout in this area, which is the general situation.


Generally speaking, the more satellites the better, this will be very important in the future. No, in 2023, the news that China will launch nearly 13,000 satellites has also aroused heated discussions. This batch of satellite launches is also called the Chinese version of Starlink. Of course, how long will it take to implement it? It's just rumored, it hasn't been made public yet.

However, the emergence of this news also illustrates a problem, that is, China's satellite layout is also very important, so this is a good direction.

We also look forward to realizing the plan earlier, so that the utilization value of our satellites may be higher.

Of course, purely from the perspective of remote sensing satellites, China’s remote sensing satellites have entered a period of rapid development in recent years, especially in the past 10 years. In terms of quantity and quality, it has entered the advanced ranks of the world's satellite earth observation, which also provides an important support for China to control the entire land of China.

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