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It is easy to be young and hard to learn, and an inch of time is not to be taken lightly. Unaware of the dream of spring grass in the pond, and the sound of autumn leaves in front of the steps. "Encouraging Learning" What is time? In fact, most people do...

The earth suddenly speeds up its rotation, and the day is less than 24 hours. What does it mean?

It is easy to be young and hard to learn, and an inch of time is not to be taken lightly. Unaware of the dream of spring grass in the pond, and the sound of autumn leaves in front of the steps. "Encouraging Learning"

What is time? In fact, most people do not have a clear concept of time. The way people measure time is often an hour, a day, a year, etc., but this is not real time, but a A natural phenomenon, for example, we often use the alternation of day and night on the earth to replace time.

So when the length of day and night alternation changes, how should we deal with it? According to research, starting from 2020, the rotation speed of the earth is accelerating, and the day is less than 24 hours. How will this affect us?

Rotation and revolution

The earth is a planet in constant motion. It revolves around the sun on one side, and itself is also constantly rotating, so there will be two time changes, one day and one year.

The earth rotates once, and the time for a place from dawn to dark and then to dawn is one circle. The earth revolves around the sun once, and a place is one year from spring to summer, autumn, winter and then to spring. A standard for judging time from ancient times to the present.

Because of this relatively stable day and night changes and seasonal changes, all parts of the world had their own time calculation methods in the early days. For example, ancient China divided a day into 12 hours, and Western countries divided a day into 24 hours. Live and work according to this characteristic.

Since ancient times, China has had a working method of working at sunrise and resting at sunset, and the West has gradually emerged in addition to the 8-hour work system. Finally, with the common development of the world, the 24-hour calculation method has been unified.

However, because the earth is too big, the time of sunrise and sunset is different in each place, and the duration is different, so there is a problem of jet lag, which is reflected in different regions and different countries in the same country.

The time difference between China and the United States across the sea is very obvious. The morning in China is the evening in the United States, so in many film and television dramas, the Chinese call the Americans in the morning. It is already late at night in the United States, and many people watch in the morning Sports events in the United States are actually held late at night.

In China, due to the large size of the country, the time difference between various regions of ChinaAlso very large.

For the convenience of life, China uniformly uses Beijing time, which creates a problem. For example, classes start at around 8 am in Beijing, while classes start at 10 am in Xinjiang.

Because it was sunny in Beijing at the same time, Xinjiang was still late at night, especially in summer. This situation is more obvious. If you have friends in Xinjiang, you will find that sometimes you are ready to fall asleep. Haven't had dinner yet.

Changes in Earth's rotation

Because of the long-term use of 24 hours, everyone has long been used to this time calculation method, but all this depends on the stability of the earth's rotation, that is to say, if the earth's rotation changes, the 24-hour rule will also be broken, then How will this affect our lives?

When the change of the earth's rotation is not obvious, this change has little impact on our lives. For example, the earth's rotation is less than one second faster, which can be completely ignored by us.

Even if the rotation speed of the earth increases a lot, we still have a lot of ways to adapt, such as changing the original 60 minutes to 59 minutes, so that the original 24 hours can still be maintained, and we can continue to follow the 24 hours. work and life.

However, this is all based on the fact that the rotation speed of the earth will not increase too fast. For example, the rotation speed of the earth will increase at a constant speed, and it will increase by 1 second in ten years. This change will have almost no impact on our lives, or very A sudden increase of 1 minute every year, all we need to do is change the 24 hour rule.

But this is beyond our control. Suppose the earth's rotation speed suddenly increases, what will happen to us?

Life Changing

If the rotation speed of the earth suddenly increases rapidly, many aspects of our life will change. For example, we are likely to experience two nights in one day, that is, odd numbers become night-day-night, and even numbers become Day-night-day changes like day and night, because after a period of groping, everyone will get used to it.

Not only start to use time as work and lifestyle, but also ignore some biological clock problems caused by day and night changesproblems, such as not going to sleep at night, but sleeping according to working hours.

The impact of diurnal changes is also reflected in food. Whether it is vegetables or animals, their growth is inseparable from diurnal changes. Condition.

There may be some changes in species that are kept in the open air, or all vegetables, fruits, and animals are raised in greenhouses to maintain a similar diurnal change to the original.

However, the change of the earth's rotation has the greatest impact on the natural world, and the first thing that is affected by the acceleration of the rotation speed is the gravity of the earth.

To put it simply, the gravity of the earth and the centrifugal force of the earth's rotation are in the balance stage. After the earth's rotation speeds up, the gravity remains unchanged and the centrifugal force increases, which means that the gravity begins to decrease, and people will jump higher. All things will become lighter from the perspective of a person, and an ordinary person may jump more than two meters lightly, so all weight units will change.

Secondly, the acceleration of the earth's rotation will also change the inertia of objects. The most representative of this is the ocean, tides, waves, tsunamis, etc. Not only will the speed increase, but the strength will also increase. For example, when the Qiantang River tide is high, people living along the Qiantang River must evacuate quickly, because a wave is likely to submerge their houses.

In summary, the increase in the speed of the earth's rotation has a great impact on the entire earth. It will not only change the human concept of time, but also change the ecological balance of the entire earth. No one can predict what changes will occur in the future. It is guessed that in the future, human beings will completely abandon the method of calculating time in 24 hours, or directly use the alternation of day and night as the time calculation method, or directly calculate by year and hour. The 500th hour of the year, and so on.

At the same time, the earth may produce many new ways of working. When the 24-hour system is changed or changed, many jobs will start to appear day and night.

Therefore, the traditional way of working five days off and two days off will be abandoned. Everyone will work for several days and nights and then rest for several days and nights, or some people only work during the day and some only work at night.If the rotation is increased to a certain extent, the original 24 hours is likely to become four days and nights, and one day will become two days off and two days off.

At that time, there may be a large number of companies that will implement fully enclosed work, using lights, windows, etc. to simulate the original 24 hours a day and night, which is the change brought about by the increase in the rotation speed of the earth.

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